Beginners’ Guide to WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins are basically small software pieces which perform functions for WordPress websites. When added to a WordPress website, these functions add features to the website or simply extend the functionality of the website. 

The plugins are written in PHP Programming language. They integrate with WordPress smoothly. Also read about diabolic traffic bot. The best thing about them is that they even work for users who do not know a single line of coding. So even a layman can be benefitted from them.

As far as their number is concerned, they are in thousands. A lot of the plugins are available freely at the official WordPress plugin directory. And there are those which are the paid ones and can be taken from the developers and companies. Since a lot of the plugins are free, they do not usually have technical support with them. Also read about njrat. So it is important to make a good choice among them that which one you want to have on your website. You can install them from the admin area. Also, you can download and manually install them. 

Making a choice among which plugins to have you must consider the following:

  1. It’s rating 
  2. Compatibility with the latest version of WordPress 
  3. Last update date
  4. Support quality.


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Nice blog Thanks for sharing this .

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