WordPress Hosting

What is WordPress Hosting


WordPress hosting is one of the oldest web hosts which was started in 1966. It is an optimized shared web hosting used for running WordPress sites. WordPress has some extraordinary features like high performance, high speed, reliability, security, etc. So many users around the world favour it because of its features. It is built to meet the WordPress requirements.

Special Features Offered


WordPress offers the faster speed of the sites as its most important feature. It increases the load times and decreases the lag time.


WordPress hosting offers enterprise-grade security to its customers.


It provides its customers with unlimited bandwidth.

Hassle Free

An extraordinary hosting gets built in the clients’ sites from day one.

Themes and Plugins

With WordPress hosting, customers can install premium themes and plugins of their choice.

Search Engine

It offers powerful SEO tools which help customers.

Chat and Email

WordPress offers the facility of live chat and emails.

Content Delivery

It provides the facility of global content delivery.

Domain Names

Valued customers get free domain names.


If a customer wants to revert to the previous states of his/her website, it is possible.


Along with unlimited bandwidth, WordPress is also providing its clients with unlimited storage.


WordPress also includes a training session in its package.   


WordPress hosting customers can take part in the WordAds advertising network. This is the easiest way to earn money from the website.


Ideally, WordPress has tried to target every customer. It has five different plans for different segments.


This plan, as the name states, is for bloggers. It costs only $3/month. Customers can customize their blog with a blog domain and can just start sharing their ideas.


This plan is great for personal use. It costs only $5/month. Customers availing this package can add some personality to their website with a custom domain.


The package is the best for freelancers. It costs only $8/month. WordPress provides all the necessary material for designing a professional website. 


This package is suitable for small businesses. It is also the most popular package of WordPress hosting costing only $25/month. The premium features of the package are

  1. Professional design
  2. Google Analytics
  3. Live support.


The plan is the best for online stores. It costs only $45/month. A powerful and flexible platform is provided which is designed to grow with you to open up an online store.

What can be done using WordPress Hosting

  1. You can create a fan base, a blog, a store and a portfolio.

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