Top Web Hosting Companies

Web hosting companies offers businesses and individuals to post their content onto the Internet. They also provide technologies required for the websites to be viewed on the Internet. The computers which host the data for the websites or webpages are special computers called servers. When Internet users want to view any website, they need to type the website address or the domain name into the browser. They would then be connected to the server and the desired website would be delivered to them. Following are the top web hosting companies.

WP Engine

WP Engine ranks the best in managed WordPress hosting. This is because of its technology, expertise and innovation. The architecture and highly redundant systems keep WordPress fast and secure. Also, The expert team of the company provides support to the customers round the clock. Besides, the company keeps on refining the WordPress technology.


SiteGround gets its fame for the adoption of the best and advanced technologies. The company provides fully managed services that can be controlled by its customers. So they not only manage, they also empower their customers. A team of security experts keeps track of daily vulnerabilities. This is done to prevent possible attacks.   


Bluehost falls among the topmost web hosting companies. It offers free domain name registration to its customers. The company also offers a free SSL certificate. It enables the instant instalment of WordPress. Besides, it provides 24 hours of support to the customers. All of the services only cost $2.95 per month along with the 30-day money back guarantee. The company manages almost 2 million websites worldwide.


GoDaddy offers web hosting services with a free domain. Its global data centres reduce the load time to the minimum. It installs WordPress with a single click. Depending upon the size of business companies, it offers three different packages to its customers. The Economy Package costs only 109 rupees per month. This is suitable for a basic site. The Deluxe Package suits small business websites. It costs 489 rupees per month. And the Ultimate Package suits well the complex and high traffic sites. It costs 869 rupees per month.

Network Solutions     

Network Solutions offers secure cloud hosting. The company also gives the facility of customization of the site to its customers. It uses multiple servers for proven reliability. The secure cloud hosting accompanies with live technical support. It also offers simple online account management tools. Besides, it creates a smartphone web experience which gives businesses a rich mobile optimized website.

This is a web hosting provider. The company has over 29 million users. It costs only $1.45 per month for shared web hosting. The package suits small to medium websites. It offers cloud hosting which is suitable for big businesses and costs $7.45 per month. VPS hosting is yet another brand of the company which costs $3.95 per month. The last but not the least to mention is the Domains which costs $0.99 per year. provides an easy way to build a website on one’s own. They call this product “Build Your Own Website”. Also, they provide the services of their professional writers and developers to develop websites for the customers. This product is called “Professionally Designed Websites”. Among their other products are Find Your Domain, Website Hosting, and WordPress Websites.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting promises very fast hosting experience with their exclusive Turbo Server options. It also offers 24/7 support service by its friendly and knowledgeable Guru Crew. Free Account Migration can move one’s site to A2 Hosting for free. Customers can claim their money if they are not satisfied with the services provided. It claims to have ultra-reliable servers for its valued customers.


HostPapa is one of the leading web host companies. Currently, it is hosting almost 500,000 websites. It has been serving businesses and entrepreneurs for over a decade.     

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