RafflePress The Best WordPress Giveaway Plugin


RafflePress is considered to be the best WordPress giveaway plugin. It is basically a WordPress contest plugin which is very powerful and user-friendly.

The plugin allows you to increase your web traffic. It also helps you get more social media followers and email subscribers. Let us take a look at how does it do that.

RafflePress lets you capture your visitors’ attention by attractive giveaways. The visitors enter the giveaways with their email addresses. This helps you grow your email list. Furthermore, visitors are encouraged to share giveaways to earn more entries. These steps boost your engagement with the users and their contacts. This way you get more traffic and that results in more sales and eventually more revenue.

The plugin comes with an easy drag and drop builder. It also has got some giveaway templates. With the help of these, you can create such giveaways which attract users’ attention.

RafflePress has got two versions. One of them is free and is called the lite version. You can instantly start with it since it’s free. The other one is the pro version and you have to buy it if you want to use it. You know the difference between the two. Both of them are good. The only difference is of the level of quality and features. With pro, you get more and of higher quality.

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