[Download] News Paper Wordpress Theme v11.4

Download Newspaper v11.4 – News & WooCommerce WordPress Theme

  • new: 7 New one-click installable Pre-Build Websites (demos) created with the tagDiv Cloud Library, tagDiv Composer page builder, and tagDiv Opt-in Builder membership plugin:
  • new: The Rimont – View Demo ;
  • new: Living PRO – View Demo ;
  • new: Week PRO – View Demo ;
  • new: Publication PRO – View Demo ;
  • new: Rue Bailand – View Demo ;
  • new: Aramis – View Demo ;
  • new: Metropolitan – View Demo ;
  • new: Added new features in the tagDiv Opt-in Builder, such as Paywall System, Membership Subscriptions, Unlimited Plans, PayPal Payment.
  • new: 8 new shortcodes for tagDiv Opt-in Builder plugin, ready to use with the tagDiv Composer frontend page builder;
  • new: 2 new shortcodes for the tagDiv Opt-in Builder plugin ready to use with the Gutenberg editor;
  • new: Added the ‘Social Share’ shortcode to use on the page;
  • new: Added ‘Google reCaptcha v3’ on the Login/Register modal;
  • new: Added Date – Current Date filter on the ‘Flex Block’ element;
  • new: Added ‘Global Colors’ in the Website Manager panel;
  • new: Added the ‘Modal Popup’ shortcode;
  • new: Added Extra Label option on all the Flex shortcodes;
  • misc: Compatibility between the tagDiv Shop and WooCommerce Subscriptions plugins;
  • misc: Added ‘Sorting Options’ for the last popular 24-48 hours posts;
  • misc: Install the Required Plugins when a pre-built website (demo) is installed;
  • misc: Added the ‘Limit Authors’ option on the Authors Box shortcode;
  • misc: Added ‘Autoplay’ and ‘Controls Options’ on the Single Featured Image;
  • misc: Added an option to show ‘Leave a Reply’ form above the comments on the Single Post Comments shortcode;
  • misc: Added ‘Duplicate’ option on pages;
  • misc: Added short/long description option on Woo Product, Loop, and Live Search shortcodes;
  • misc: Submenu is visible in the More menu item;
  • misc: Autosave backup for the Theme Panel Settings before the theme update;
  • misc: Install the required plugins for each prebuilt website (demo) import;
  • misc: Self hosted video support for video background on Row;
  • fix: Modified date on the Mobile Theme;
  • fix: Wp-admin no templates dropdown on 404 page;
  • fix: Updated the API URL for the covid-related shortcodes;
  • fix: Unique articles doesn’t work on Mobile Page template;
  • fix: Dailymotion Get/Set Featured Image issue;
  • fix: Display the page builder templates only when the Standard Pack plugin is active;
  • fix: jQuery shorthand deprecation warnings;
  • fix: Hide sidebar option on a post when a tagDiv Cloud Template is set;
  • fix: Set the full size of an image for the AMP Image Size (Google requirements);
  • fix: Update plugins on server;
  • fix: Bug Article Inline Ad on Single Post Content shortcode;
  • fix: Add/Remove post notice for Video Standard post style format;
  • fix: Caption Over Image on the featured image;
  • fix: Woo Archive duplication issue;
  • fix: Out of stock issue on simple product;
  • fix: Other css fixes.

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