Google Analytics Dashboard for WP

Google Analytics Dashboard

Google Analytics Dashboard is a web analytics suite. It helps you analyze your web traffic. It is so popular that over 50 million websites have it on them around the globe.


Google Analytics Dashboard works in the way that users add a piece of JavaScript code to their page. This way Google tracks the activities of the visitors coming to their sites. It collects the activities and presents them in the statistical form in Google Analytics account. 

What Statistics Show

The statistics show the following:

  1. Who are your visitors? 
  2. Where are they from (geographical location)
  3. Which devices are they using to get to your site?
  4. What pages did they look at?
  5. How long did they stay at the site?
  6. What’s the bounce rate?
  7. When did they visit the site? This includes the exact time and date of the visit. 
  8. Did they get to your site directly or by some search engine or some other link, etc. 
  9. How did they interact with the content on the site? 


The benefits of such information are far-reaching. When knowing all these

  1. You can make the necessary changes to the content.
  2. Data or things which drew more attention can be polished and made better.
  3. Things of little interest can be removed or improved. 
  4. Track marketing campaigns and check if they are worth it. 
  5. Getting feedback and acting accordingly. 
  6. It eliminates the guesswork and gut feeling and instead provides with actual and hard data. 
  7. The plugin is free so it does not cost anything to have it. 


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