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Domain Name Generator (DNG) by WP Web Agency will be discussed later. First, we will start with the basic knowledge of Domain Name Generator.

Are you ready to start your business or personal website? What’s holding you back? Don’t you have a domain name? Or you haven’t picked a name for your website?

Relax! We are here to help you!

Domain Name Generator (DNG) by WP Web Agency and many other companies provide free domain name generator. Though it’s not easy to select an accurate domain name especially when it is already taken. In this article, we will share one of the best free domain name generators to help you find the perfect domain name for your business. First, you need to know what’s a domain name is?

What’s a Domain Name?

A domain name is your website’s address on the internet. People get to your website by typing this address like or

Getting Started!

Before we start looking at the domain name generator, we will also share a few domain name best practices. Let’s start with the basics out of the way.

You should keep in mind the following important points before getting a domain name.

  • Try to get a domain name with .com category as it is more recognized and universal
  • Check the pronunciation and spelling
  • Keep the name short, meaningful & unique
  • Avoid special characters such as hyphens, slashes or Dashes
  • Be careful of other’s trademark privacy

Now! Come to the point that how can you get a domain name for your business by WP Web Agency. To know Continue reading!

Domain Name Generator (DNG) & its Features

WP Web Agency also provides the facility of Business domain name generator (DNG) by WP Web Agency. User can search with a keyword in mind and DNG will provide hundreds not if thousands of options for creative and meaningful business names.

Let’s look into a scenario

For Example, if a person is searching a name for his/her event management business website, he/she will enter the keyword “event management”, in result Domain Name Generator (DNG) automatically add popular domain name beginnings and endings to whatever you type in the search box. After selecting the name, one will check the domain availability from the right corner of the site. If the domain name if not available then the DNG will ask to select another category from a popular, country-specific or generic domain such as .com, .net, .pk, .Uk,.Edu, .org, .biz and so many.

Availability of Domain

On the other hand, if the domain is available, one just have to click on the proceed button and site will take him to the site ground where one can register the domain as per his budget.

To learn more, see our guide on Top Domain Name Generator

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Ayaz Javed
Ayaz Javed

Excellent! Starting with the basics so that a lay man can also understand easily, then moving step by step from DNG to discussing a scenario, and lastly informing about the availability of a domain name, the article deserves a thumbs up.


It’s a very helpful article on Domain Name Generator (DNG)…


Domain Name Generator tool is very handy & its now easy to choose a business domain name and register it from same platform. DNG is one of the best name generator tool by WP Web Agency

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