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Digital Signature WordPress 5.2 Security Improvement

WordPress 5.2 Security Improvement

WordPress 5.2 took a step to secure the updates fully with the offline digital signature. The existence of x-content-signature header will be checked when the WordPress site installs an update. The WordPress site will ask for a filename if it is not provided by the update server. The signature is calculated by using Ed25519 of […]

About SiteGround Hosting

Introduction SiteGround is one of the largest web hosting companies with more than 400 employees. It was founded by a few university entrepreneurs in 2004. The company offers web hosting platform crafted for easy websites management and is trusted by the owners of 2 million domains worldwide. It provides all types of hosting: shared, dedicated […]

About WP Engine Hosting

WP Engine Hosting

WP Engine WP Engine is the top ranking web hosting company. It falls in the category of managed WordPress. Managed WordPress hosting means that the company would take care of all the security related to the customers’ websites. It is a technology company which provides software innovations as its services. The company develops remarkable sites […]

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