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We are all aware of the importance of web traffic on a site. The probability of the current traffic to become your customers is quite high. Even if you get a small percentage of your traffic turned into customers, which is quite normal, it is an achievement. This is the way it works. So here are three best WordPress traffic plugins which can help you increase your web traffic and visibility. 

Click to Tweet 

It’s a very simple plugin and easy to use. The plugin helps those whose audience is not that big in number. But it works for those even who have a great audience on social media and Twitter. A good way to use the plugin is when you have a quote to share in your blog, you can share it on Twitter by simply using the plugin. This way you can generate many more social shares and Twitter traffic.   

Number of Tweets in an Article 

Tweeting once or twice won’t make much difference. You had better tweet five to six times in an article. There can be a tweet from the introduction, two to three tweets from the body and lastly, one from the conclusion. And, of course, the tweeting should not only be for the sake of tweeting only. It should have something worth tweeting.


Many big (like Uber) and small companies have adopted this strategy. Your product may not necessarily be a physical one. It can be a digital or smart or even an information product. As far as the way to give it to the customers or viewers is concerned, you can, instead of offering it free, ask them to invite a friend or friends and get access to the product. This way you can increase your userbase. 

Invite Referrals

Like the previously mentioned plugin, Invite Referral does almost the same and increases your userbase. You must have seen companies launching a product or service and putting a condition on the potential customers that the features will be unlocked for them when they share it to a specific number of people. You can do the same to encourage the people around you. Give them the incentive of unlocking the features of your product for them if they share the product to people they are in contact with. 


These plugins are the best WordPress traffic plugins, very effective and work really well. The beauty here is that they save time and effort. Instead of having lots of plugins for this purpose, you can only install these three and get the work done for you. 


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