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SiteGround is one of the largest web hosting companies with more than 400 employees. It was founded by a few university entrepreneurs in 2004. The company offers web hosting platform crafted for easy websites management and is trusted by the owners of 2 million domains worldwide. It provides all types of hosting: shared, dedicated and cloud along with email hosting and domain registration.



The cheapest hosting plan offered by SiteGround is StartUp. The plan costs only $3.95/month for one site which can be hosted in this package. It provides 10 GB web space and 10,000 visits a month.


This plan is designed for web growth. It costs only $5.95/month. It includes an unlimited number of websites with 20 GB web space and 25,000 visits monthly.


As the name suggests, this package has extraordinary features. Like the previous package, it also includes unlimited websites. It provides 30 GB web space and 100,000 visits monthly.

SiteGround Services

Website Development

This service is very basic and useful for those individuals and businesses that still do not have a website. So they can avail the service of the company and get their websites developed. Also, SiteGround offers the choice of site builder, premium features, and full support for the launch of the website.

Website Transfer

For those who have a website but are unhappy with the hosting services for whatever the reasons, can transfer their websites using the services of the company. This is because SiteGround offers professional website transfer by its experts and automated WordPress migration. It also provides an easy to use a WordPress plugin.

Services for WordPress Users

Managed WordPress plans of the company include:

  1. WordPress installation
  2. Automated migration and updates
  3. Expert WordPress support
  4. Advanced caching

Flexibility for WordPress Developers

SiteGround provides WordPress developers with more flexibility when they are to develop websites. So the company offers:

  1. WP-CLI access
  2. SSH
  3. PHP version control
  4. WordPress staging
  5. Git integration.

Core Competencies Of SiteGround

Provision of Technical Support

One of the utmost core competencies of the company is the provision of the technical craftsmanship to its clients. The company adopts the best technologies in the industry and provides appropriate solutions to customers’ problems.

Managing and Enabling

The company not only manages the websites of the customers but it also enables them to manage and control them for themselves. For example, the company runs the latest PHP versions but allows the customers to choose among different versions. Similarly, the company also enables static caching for customers’ websites but at the same time allows customers to switch off it and add more layers.


SiteGround owns a security experts team which makes it sure that there are no software vulnerabilities. By doing this, they save the customers’ data from possible attacks.

SiteGround Support Services Qualities

  1. The support team of the company is very proficient and friendly.
  2. The team is available 24/7. Customers can contact them on phone or through chat.
  3. The team is really fast.
  4. The team is top rated.

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